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EXHAUST series


The EXHAUST series of collages imagine the body through mechanical and medical aesthetics, making visual comparisons between both aesthetic systems. This series correlates the repetitive nature of being to machines/machinery, correlates the contrast of medical imagery to metallic tools/machinery, and uses a sterile, clinical sharpness found in medical imagery and spaces. Other references to medical and machine aesthetics play out in the use of the graph/drafting paper to act as a diffusing membrane for imagery underneath (like that of an organ or cellular membrane), as well as taking measurements and backing the metal tools with a rigid grid. What’s more, the high contrast and shimmering quality of the metallic tool imagery suggests the revolutions of machines/engines, when the curving, reflective surfaces of metal shimmer and flash in the light. The sterile, dense, high-contrast subjects and compositions reference the medical aesthetics of MRI, X-RAY, and/or CT scans. This series has been displayed in a 2022 solo exhibition in NY.

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