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My painting practice addresses the self-creative capacity of materials as it relates to embodiment and landscape. Using watercolor on fibrous paper, and ink on synthetic paper in more abstract compositions, my work leverages matter’s autopoietic potential to produce new visual forms. I’ve grown up in Long Island, NY, received a bachelors degree in Visual Art Education from SUNY New Paltz in 2017, and will be completing my MFA candidacy at Stony Brook University in May of 2020. At eighteen years old, in 2013, I underwent a spinal fusion of the L5 and S1 vertebrae. The limitations that were imposed on my physical experience have since informed my painting practice.


I’m intensely curious about the internal presence that my body brings forth in my attention. My interest in expansive space has come from this imposed bodily restriction, driving a desire to release and project out into space, in spite of resistance. With this, my work takes on a stark contrast of darkness and luminosity, referencing both visceral interiority—where ligaments, bone, and muscle connect, contort, contract, and expand—and the intensity of perceiving a massive landscape—where sunlight coats expansive space, where geological formation, sedimentary dissemination, and planetary cycles distribute earthly matter throughout the environment.


I've shown in galleries across the United States, including a solo show at Small Green Door in East Los Angeles, California, LIC Arts Open of Long Island City, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition in Brooklyn, Limner Gallery in Hudson, and Gallery North in Setauket. In addition to completing my Masters of Fine Arts candidacy and ambitiously displaying my work in galleries, I'm an active art educator working for many institutions and galleries, including Gallery North’s ArtVentures Program and Stony Brook University’s undergraduate Studio Art Program.


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