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A few Aisles from the Cooler series

Series statement:

There is a tragic irony inherent to firearms. The most powerfully effective and efficient tool for ending life has been made highly accessible on financial and local fronts. The wall installation for A Few Isles from the Cooler addresses this inherent irony by layering and subverting familiar contexts. The images—themselves alluring collages of gun parts, photo copied by the hundreds—rest behind panes of glass that sit on grooved, wall-mounted shelving. This display’s gesture towards the shelving of a store’s more valuable, glassed-off items (i.e. video games) pairs awkwardly with the equally relevant association to the protective glass used at firing ranges and clerk security booths. At the hands of firearms, its industry, and half-stepping corporate responses, A Few Isles from the Cooler makes slyly clear the urgent, illogical ease of access to, and production of firearms in the face of contemporary America’s relentless accumulation of domestic terrorism acts.

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